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The Love Pillow was created to combat and prevent the occurrence of Positional Plagiocephaly and to give the best possible support to your child's head, thanks to the central hole. 🧸

Can be used on all mobile supports, such as Handymum, baby carriage, etc.

Ideal up to 12 months.


- Interior in Memory Foam 

- Exterior covered in soft velvet, breathable

- Size: 22L x 26W x 3H cm

- 1 per pack

- Hypoallergenic materials

Care instructions

- You can clean it superficially with a well wrung cotton or microfiber cloth and let it air horizontally away from sunlight. ☀️

For a thorough cleaning of the memory foam you can follow the directions in our washing guide here >

Do not do

⊘ Do not leave your child alone until 6 months of age or until he/she is able to roll on his/her own

⊘ Do NOT ABSOLUTELY wash the Memory Foam pillow in the washing machine

Memory Foam is a material that if washed in washing machine loses its original shape, becoming unusable.

Eco-friendly Product

Like all of our products, Love Pillow are designed to respect the planet and babies. 🌍

Not just a pillow.

Teddy Pillow is an ergonomic pillow that prevents plagiocephalitis in infants.

Its hole in the center prevents the back of the head from being crushed so that its round shape can remain intact and healthy.

Be amazed.

Memory foam is the revolution of pillows, thanks to its consistency it adheres perfectly to the physiological forms of the head, creating no discomfort.

In addition, it is easily cleaned and sanitized. We have enclosed all this in Teddy Pillow!

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Patty Ghriml

I purchased this pillow for the problem of plagiocephalitis, I am afraid it will come to my son so I acted and prevented it! I feel it is really functional, the material is good quality Memory Foam and the outer fabric is soft.


The pillow is soft, the color is as pictured. I am happy


It doesn't smell, I'm happy with that they usually do. The product is of very good quality !

Paolina H.

Too soft, for afternoon naps this is a really excellent pillow. Small but for a newborn's tesat it is just right. Soft velveteen lining.

Samarah Poolh

Here is the pillow, very soft, the color really AMAZING! it is good for preventing plagiocephalitis from what I have read, so I will definitely be using it.


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