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Sweet Bottle was created to feed your baby by making him or her feel the same sensation as feeding from the breast. This is because of its very soft food-grade silicone nipple that lets the liquid out smoothly and slowly. 👩‍🍼

Perfect for your Handymum™ because of the perfect size that will keep your bottle warm. 🍼


-Made of 100% food grade silicone

-BPA and PVC free

-Meets ASTM standards

-Comes in packs of 1

Care Instructions

- To sterilize the ENTIRE baby bottle before first use, boil water and soak for 15 minutes. A little more attention to the nipple. ⏳

- Collect your Sweet Bottle and dry it on a clean cloth, letting the bottle and teat cool.

- Clean the baby bottle before each use with warm water and a mild detergent, rinsing well with water. 💦

For all the washing details read our washing guide here >

Do Not Do

⊘ Do not use abrasive or antibacterial cleaners

⊘ Do not wash pacifiers in the dishwasher

⊘ Do not leave pacifiers exposed directly to the sun

⊘ Do not use ANY sterilizer or steam sterilizer for pacifiers

⊘ Do not freeze or cook pacifiers

⊘ Supervise during use

Eco-friendly Product

Like all of our products, Sweet Bottle are designed to respect the planet and babies. 🌍

The quantity is not random.

Our Sweet Bottle has a total capacity of 180 ml.

The containment capacity was studied on the world average of milk consumption in infants from the first months to the fifth month.

Sure indeed.

The teat is composed of certified food-grade silicone, making it hygienic and hypo-allergenic.
It is transparent, which ensures easy cleaning and sterilization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

excellent bottle for baby, the material is fine, the capacity is the thing I like the most as it is very versatile. I would say more than 10 stars!


A very nice bottle on the outside and very useful. The spray is really good, not too strong that it risks going sideways to the baby. Made well I like it and recommend it!


The bottle is made of durable plastic, the product I loved, good packaging, totally corresponds to the description.👍🏻


Product to have for those who do not breastfeed. Outstanding I swear by it🥰

Renè Morissette

Fantastic, the quality is very good the food grade silicone used for the pacifier is made well, durable


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