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Our Sprint Sleep Band is specially designed to make baby feel protected and remind him of the feelings he had in mom's belly. 🤰

The design of this band makes it easy to use and adjust thanks to the soft adhesive closure and comfortable for your little one thanks to the 100% organic, hypoallergenic, breathable and super soft cotton. 👩‍🍼


- 100% Organic Cotton

- Hypoallergenic material

- Measures 56 cm in height and 74 cm in the wraparound area

- Pack of 2

Care Instructions

- Machine washable at less than 60°

- Hand washable with special detergent for delicate clothes 🧼

- Ironable

For all the washing details read our washing guide here >

Do not do

⊘ Do not cut

⊘ Do not burn

⊘ Do not wash with harmful products

Eco-friendly Product

Like all of our products, Sprint Sleep Bands are designed to respect the planet and babies. 🌍

I miss your belly, mama!

The sleep sling is designed to mimic the feeling of a baby in the womb.

Thanks to its easy-to-adjust strap, you can choose to wrap it around your baby or leave it a little softer and more relaxed.

Like a soft protective cloud.

Our bands are 100% composed of organic cotton.

This fabric is prized and recommended because it is breathable and anti-bacterial.

When your baby wears it, he will feel wrapped in a soft and delicate fabric with the added benefit of being protected from surrounding bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews


nada rajia

This sleep band is still little known I think, because it actually has many benefits as also described by the site, anyway I am happy to have found one that 1) cost little and come in a pack of 2! 2) the quality of the cotton is excellent to say the least. 3) the size for me is perfect, exact for the age group of the use of this item. ✌🏽

Daniella Lish

An excellent sleeping band. I looked for it after reading about its capabilities and had a hard time finding it because even now maybe it's a taboo that moms and dads don't address. it's true that the baby sleeps better the first few months because he feels protected. My first one cried almost every night, now since I have these swaddles, I swear she doesn't. I'm grateful for that, it's a breakthrough. 😍

Rechel K.

This is a very nice band, the cotton is 100% natural and fresh

polina grem

This band is excellent. the best. i had one from my first baby but it was too used and old now. I bought a new one again in 100% cotton and I must say it is excellent. I know it will only be used for a small period but my children find it comfortable I can see that. I suggest it to keep the children comfortable at bedtime.


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