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Pacifer Guard is the food-grade silicone pacifier protector to keep your pacifier sanitized, plus you can store the pacifier including the chain or hold up to two clean, ready-to-use pacifiers at once.

The smooth surface design makes it difficult for stains to accumulate on the pacifier box. It is made of food grade silicone, BPA and PVC free. ✅ 

The strap allows you to hang it on your baby bag or stroller so you can keep them handy at all times. 👐


- Material: soft food grade silicone

- BPA and PVC free

- Measurements: diameter 7.6cm total length 21.6cm

- Can accommodate up to two pacifiers

- 1 per package

Care Instructions

- To wash the teether just take a clean cloth, after wetting it with lukewarm water add a drop of mild soap and wipe well over the entire surface of the teether. 🍼

- Rinse very well with cold water and dry with a clean cloth. 💦

For all the washing details read our washing guide here >

Do not do

⊘ Do not wash in dishwasher

⊘ Do not use abrasive or antibacterial cleaners

⊘ Do not wash teether in the dishwasher

⊘ Do not leave teether exposed directly to the sun

⊘ Do not use ANY sterilizer on the teether

⊘ Do not freeze or cook teether

⊘ Supervise during use

Eco-friendly Product

Like all of our products, Pacifer Guard is designed to respect the planet and babies. 🌍

No more lost soothers!

Pacifier Guard is the perfect ally for keeping pacifiers at hand!

Thanks to its anti-fall grip and soft casing, inserting and securing soothers is 100% safe and easy!

Goodbye germs.

This is the shell to store your baby's most delicate item, and we've created it with a material that is easy to clean and disinfect.

Thanks to food grade silicone we have achieved the most hygienic case on the market, which keeps 97% of germs away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews

Great product, doesn't smell. Arrived on time :)


I also purchased along with the famous backpack, a pacifier set and this pacifier holder. My curiosity turned out to be very good because it made me buy an item that is functional, comfortable and does its job. I recommend it for those who are looking for a pacifier cover that is easy to use (because it has no zippers and in the moment of need you can simply pull the pacifier out) Great buy.👌🏾

Derek S.

The breakthrough, this article has changed my life.😍 It really is so functional. It cleans very well and holds the pacifier without dropping it. Very fast shipping📦

Alex l.

Beautiful and comfortable.


Easy to attach to your backpack. Cleaning it is simple and it manages to hold the pacifier even with the clip on. 👍🏻


Making you satisfied and happy is what we care about most, which is why we offer you “money back guarantee” service within 45 days of purchase for any reason.

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