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Mama's Cherry pacifier is designed to cuddle and emotionally nourish your little one. 🥰

Designed with a teardrop shape to help the palate develop healthy and properly, and for a tongue placement and sucking technique similar to breastfeeding. 👩‍🍼

Recommended by midwives to encourage natural breastfeeding.


-Made of 100% food grade silicone

-BPA and PVC free

-Meets ASTM standards

-Includes 3 holes for additional safety

-Comes in packs of 2

Care Instructions

- To sterilize pacifiers before first use, boil water and soak pacifiers for 5 minutes. ⏳

- Collect the pacifiers and dry them on a clean cloth, allowing them to cool.

- Clean pacifiers before each use with warm water and mild detergent, rinsing well with water. 💦

For all the washing details read our washing guide here >

Do Not Do

⊘ Do not use abrasive or antibacterial cleaners

⊘ Do not wash pacifiers in the dishwasher

⊘ Do not leave pacifiers exposed directly to the sun

⊘ Do not use ANY sterilizer or steam sterilizer for pacifiers

⊘ Do not freeze or cook pacifiers

⊘ Supervise during use

Eco-friendly Product

Like all of our products, Mama's Cherry pacifiers are designed to respect the planet and babies. 🌍

Safety first.

Your child's safety lies in the little things.

That's why all our Mama's Cherry are designed with a nipple that adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth, preventing malformations to palate and teeth.

An essential help.

Every soother has a different and important function! Mama's Cherry is our cherry-shaped soother.

Its main function is to help grow the palate in a healthy way and following the anatomy of the mouth, so it is ideal for children from 0 to 6 months of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
esmeralda f.

You can never have enough pacifiers, especially for someone like me who has a baby who destroys them all, unbelievable. BUT I have to say this is the second time I have bought these and they have really lasted longer. The silicone is really excellent. NOT A LIE.✌🏽


Kiss Mama back!
I purchased a pacifier set for my sister almost a year ago and she had been very happy with it.
Now it's my turn and I really wanted them but they were out of stock, they are back and I bought them NOW!
They have changed the design and colors a bit but they are very nice even so!
The quality has increased but they were already great before I confirm it!


Very good pacifiers, the quality of food grade silicone is excellent. The Lovry and Kahki set is really stylish! Shipment arrived in 7 working days, I would say very good!


very nice pacifiers, great material that resists bites from my little one.😄 I would say that they are well made. very efficient shipping. ✌🏽


Really good quality silicone. Very good product indeed.


Making you satisfied and happy is what we care about most, which is why we offer you “money back guarantee” service within 45 days of purchase for any reason.

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